We Take Natural Skin And Hair Care Beyond Normal

Can synthetic chemicals provide better health benefits than food?
Of course not.
Can you imagine taking the chemicals in most skin and hair products and drinking them?
You can’t.
But creative marketing has penetrated the consciousness of people and unfortunately has them believing their toxic-synthetic products will have them glowing with vibrant radiance.
Maybe they smell good and feel silky but synthetic chemicals have no health benefits.
We do it differently.
Our products start with healthy vegan foods and herbs you can eat and drink.
They are processed using an extraction that mimics the human digestive system. So, when applied, they provide a rich broth of concentrated enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that heal, repair, and transform.
Using different combinations of foods, we can effectively target certain conditions like hair loss, wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, thinning lips, acne, irritation, and much more… 

About Us

Our  company's technology started back in 1985 when our founder Bill Jordan discovered a process for rapidly extracting medicinal herbs.

 Over time this extraction process has evolved into an advanced bio-extraction technology that now extracts the nutrient lifeforce from foods-giving birth to our High-Performing Skin and Hair Product Line.

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