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Natural Clear-Acne Treatment Mask-Provides Better Results Than The Chemicals Benzoyl Peroxide And Salicylic Acid.

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Natural Clear Acne Treatment Mask goes straight to the root cause of acne. Which is plugged pores. It immediately starts removing the embedded gunk from the pores without using the strong chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and salicylate acid you see in most acne treatment products.

Besides getting the pores unplugged it also reduces inflammation and eliminates acne cauFsing bacteria

Any Excess Sebum Oil, Dirt, Toxin And Bacteria Are Immediately Absorbed And Removed.

You can also use as a spot treatment for pimples, blackheads, scars, even eczema.

It Instantly Soothes And Heals Even The Most Severe Acne Inflamed Skin.

The Unique Nano Tube Structure In The Clays Used In This Acne Mask Reaches Deep Down Into The Pores And Gets More Of The Gunk Out Than Other Clays Or Chemicals Can.

And This Clay Delivers An Effective Herbal Extraction That Eradicates The Acne Causing Bacteria From The Skin.

If Your Looking for A Highly Effective Natural Solution For Acne-This Is Your Product.

 *results may vary from person to person*


Let Natural Ingredients Heal Your Acne-Not Chemicals Which Can Cause Short and Long Term Damage To Your Skin.

Up till now the most effective solution for acne was benzoyl peroxide and or salicylic acid in the form of a cream, drying lotion, acne wash, cleanser, soap or some other facial treatment.

Natural Clear Acne Treatment Mask, gives you an effective natural option for clearing acne. .

To better understand our acne mask and how it can clear zits, blemishes, pimples, blackheads and breakouts we want to briefly explain the causes and most common solutions for acne.

Acne always starts with the formation of a plug in the pores. If the plug is underneath the skin it is a whitehead if it is above the skin it is blackhead. This in turn causes an inflammatory response which leads to the development of acne causing bacteria.and breakouts.

Those Plugs develop in the pores because of the over-production of sebum oil. Which is triggered by hormones and is why acne is so common in young adults when their hormones are peaking.

Chemical treatments like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid work because they chemically burn and dissolve the plugs blocking the pores and they kill the acne causing bacteria. But continuous use leads to irritation and damage to the skin. In some cases the irritation from the chemicals can cause acne to become worse-requiring medical treatments which can be expensive and have serious side effects.

Natural Clear works as good or better than chemcials without the irritation and damage.

The nano tube structure of the clay used in this product penetrates through the plugs and when dry gently lifts them out and delivers a powerful herbal extraction that helps clear the acne bacteria from the skin.

Natural Clear also elevates the nutrients in the skin. It delivers more than 80 organic minerals, essential fatty acids and powerful herbal anti oxidants.

If you are looking for an all natural treatment for acne that is effective and healthy for your skin and can be used on all skin types including sensitive then give Natural Clear a try and if for any reason you not satisfied simply return for a full refund.


Bentonite Clay, Organic mineral Clay, fresh spring water, organic jojoba oil, organic virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, organic hand filleted aloe vera leaf gel, organic raw honey, proprietary anti acne liposomed herbal infusion (mangosteen pericarp, thyme, echinacea, rosemary, Licorice root, calendula), esstential fatty acids from fresh chia and flax seeds, fermented radish root, grapefruit extract.

How to use

Apply a layer to the affected area and allow to dry a few minutes and rinse off with warm water. Use 1 time daily until clear skin is achieved . Can also be used as a spot treatment simply dab the area with the mask and let dry and rinse. Make sure the layer of mask you use is thick enough so you can't see any skin underneath. Do skin patch test before use.

Looking for an all natural treatment for acne that is effective and healthy for your skin?

Natural Clear Acne Treatment Immediately Unplugs Your Pores By Absorbing Excess Sebum Oil, Dirt, Toxins And Bacteria. Also Effective For Acne Spots And Scars.

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