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Get A Spa Quality Facial In The Comfort Of Your Home. 

A Detox Clay Mask That Is Much More Than A Pore Minimizer.

It’s An Anti-Aging Masterpiece, That Transforms-Heals And Repairs, Giving You Beautiful Radiant, Smooth And Clear Skin.

Dramatically Reduces Redness And Eczema Prone Skin. 

Herbal Organic Clay Mask.



Removes Toxins, And Delivers Nutrients Deep Into The Skin. 

Gives You The Same Or Even Better Results Than A Micro Perfusion Facial, At A Fraction Of The Cost. 

Micro Perfusion Facials Use Gold Plated Needles To Increase Circulation And Deliver Active Ingredients Deep Into The Skin

They Can Cost Up To 350.00 Per Treatment .

This Clay Mask Does The Same. Without The Needles, Using Our Unique Nano-Tube Structured Clay For A Fraction Of The Cost. 

Dramatically Heals Inflamed Skin. 


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Looking for a face skin care product that can repair, heal and transform your skin?

The transformational powers of this mask are derived from a potent combination of clays, herbs and a rare substance called shilijit. A plant that grows at the highest elevations of the Himalaya Mountains.


The Transformative Powers Of This Clay Mask Are Amazing.

It contains more fulvic acid mineral complexes than any other skin care product we are aware of. Infusing your skin with these transformative rare elements brings an energy into the cells so they can optimally repair and regenerate.

These elements are extracted by us from the highest quality shilajit-which is harvested at the highest elevations in the Himalaya mountains during the summer and a rare mineral clay that is exclusive to our products.

This clay mask also contains regenerating herbs, essential fatty acids, vitamins, the entire spectrum of bio-available minerals (which means your cells can immediately use them), vitamins and essential oils. It will take tired-dull skin and bring it back to vibrant-glowing life.

Plus it will detox, heal problem skin like eczema and rosacea, tame inflammation, unplug and shrink your pores.

We have studied what this clay mask can do to the skin for more than 10 years and still get amazed at how powerful and healing this mask can be.

Other clay masks are basically the same because they all use the same common clays like kaolin and bentonite. These clays are helpful for surface detox and pore improvement but do not contain the fulvic acid minerals or the wealth of other skin nutrients that ours provides.


detox, heal problem skin like eczema and rosacea, tame inflammation, unplug and shrink your pores.

• Improves wrinkles and fine lines.

• Diminishes Pores

• Decongests by removing toxins and impurities.

• Reduces Redness.

• Balances sebum oil.

• Brightens Skin.

• Evens Tone.

• Enhances blood circulation.

• Soothes irritated skin.

• Stimulates more collagen production.

• Repairs and renews.

• Boosts cellular energy.

• Powerful anti-aging product.

Natural scent. With captivating notes of fresh peppermint. You will love the freshness of this scent.

2.0 oz | recyclable jar | non-toxic ingredients | Non-comedogenic | Suitable for all skin types. | Suitable during pregnancy

How It Works

 The transformational powers of this mask are derived from a potent combination of clays, herbs and a rare substance called shilijit. A plant that grows at the highest elevations of the Himalaya Mountains.

We extract a high-concentration of fulvic acid minerals from the Shilijit along with a rare earth mineral clay, which is exclusive to our products.

These exotic minerals impart an almost magical energy when applied and are the ultimate antioxidant. The only antioxidant that can donate or remove hydrogen ions (regular antioxidants only donate hydrogen), providing your skin with bullet-proof protection from the main cause of aging which is skin oxidation.

This clay anti-aging mask is beyond a normal clay mask. Because it does so much more than what normal clay masks do. Besides pore minimizing, absorbing toxins-excess oils-it also enhances your skin’s ability to regenerate and repair by helping increase the energy of the cells. For example, tired oxidized cells cannot build new collagen but energized healthy cells can.

Including this facial mask into your skin care routine several times a month will improve your appearance and give you a boost in confidence.

ClayMax is spa quality and sold at some of the best holistic spas. Estheticians use this anti-aging mask in facials to get the skin healthy, radiant and glowing. It detoxes and cleans pores at the deepest level. Minimizing the appearance of pores while amping up the energy so the cells can repair, protect and heal.

We have manufactured and developed facial skin care masks since 2009 and we’re good at it. It’s made at our FDA registered and inspected manufacturing facility in Nashville Tn. Every part of the manufacturing process is monitored so the product is always at the highest quality. It is a skin care masterpiece that is all natural, organic without any toxic chemicals.

You will love this product, we guarantee it. Buy Now...

How To Use

Apply a liberal amount and spread evenly. 

Allow 5 to 20 minutes to dry and wash off with lots of water preferably in the shower. 

For best results use several times a month. 

Buy Now-Full Money Back Guarantee


 Proprietary blend, rare earth mineral clay, shilajit, organic hand-filleted aloe vera leaf gel, raw organic honey, proprietary extraction of (flax seed, chia seeds, organic oats, moringa, bladderwrack, mung beans, organic lavender buds, yerba mansa, turmeric root) organic extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower lecithin, raw organic apple cider vinegar, bio-ferment (preservative), grapefruit extract, potassium sorbate, essential oils (peppermint, sandalwood, bergamont)


What skin types is Claymax suitable for?

Claymax is  suitable for all skin types. 

Can I use Claymax if I have sensitive skin?

It's essential to check the ingredients and conduct a patch test before applying any clay mask, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Is Claymax safe for acne-prone skin?

Claymax, is beneficial for acne-prone skin but we have a special mask formulated just for clearing acne called "Natural Clear Acne Treatment Mask".  To effectively treat acne we highly recommend you use that mask

How long should I leave Claymax on my face?

The recommended time for leaving Claymax on the face varies. Typically, leave on for 10-20 minutes or until the mask dries. 

Does this mask resurface and exfoliate?

Yes, your skin is very even and smooth after applying.

Will it shrink pores?

Yes, and it will remove gunk like dead skin cells and toxins from the deepest levels.

Does it help with fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, it contains an element called Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones which we extract from the shilajit. It has an amazing ability to amp up the energy in the mitochondria (the skin cells energy center) so it can produce more collagen and elastin fibers. Even using this product will not only improve your skin it will increase the effectiveness of other products like vitamin c serums.

If you have any other questions please contact us at the contact page. 

Cruelty Free
100% vegan
all natural ingredients
100% non-toxic

What our clients say?

Jane B.
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
It leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed.

"I absolutely love CLAYMAX! Not only does it leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and refreshed, but it's also so much fun to use. The mixing and application process feels like a mini spa treatment, and the results speak for themselves. My skin looks and feels amazing!"

Oliver M.
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
It has has been a blessing for my eczema-prone skin. 
"Claymax has been a blessing for my eczema-prone skin. It helps keep inflammation in check, and the exfoliating effect leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth. I can't thank this mask enough for my clearer complexion."
Patricia S.
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
It deeply cleansed my skin without causing any irritation
"As someone with sensitive skin, I've always been cautious about clay masks. Claymax turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It deeply cleansed my skin without causing any irritation and makes my skin look incredible. It's now a staple in my skincare routine."
Carlos R.
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate  
It has helped control excess oil and minimize shine.
"My oily skin has always been a struggle, but Claymax has helped control excess oil and minimize shine. It's a relief not to blot my face constantly throughout the day. I highly recommend it to anyone with similar concerns."




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