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Honey Aloe Lotion-A Luxurious, Organic Lotion For Healthy Beautiful Skin Made With Organic Hand Filleted Aloe and Raw Organic Honey. Heals Dry Itchy Skin.

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The Main Ingredient In This Lotion Is Fresh Organic Aloe Vera gel scraped out of the leaf by hand. 

The Honey Is From An Organic Bee Keeper Who Cares About His Bees Like Family.

It's Made Fresh In Our Artisan Manufacturing Facility In Nashville Tn.

It Deeply Moisturizes And Heals Dry Itchy Skin, It's Not Greasy And Smells Amazing.

All Natural Organic Ingredients.

 *results may vary from person to person*


This Honey Aloe Lotion is made using the highest quality organic aloe vera gel (undiluted) and raw honey in the world.

It deeply moisturizes, heals dry itchy skin and repairs damaged skin like sunburns. 

This lotion delivers all the benefits of aloe vera to the skin. It is the most potent aloe vera lotion on the market

Aloe Vera is one of the most healing and healthy ingredients you can put on your skin. However only the fresh gel you scrape or squeeze out of the leaf has these benefits. 

Most commercial aloe used in skin care products is watered down and contains about 5% aloe vera and 95% water.

It's made by throwing the whole aloe plant into a crusher-not scraping the gel from the leaf like we do.

The gel inside the leaf is the only substance proven to heal and nourish the skin-the other parts of the aloe plant contain latex and other substances that are considered toxic to the skin.

That's why the aloe used in this body lotion is only the gel inside the leaf scraped out by hand.

Using this lotion is as close as your going to get to taking an aloe leaf and squeezing the gel directly onto your skin.

The healing power of this lotion is incredible.

And we make it using a process of low heat so the healing enzymes in the honey are still active.

You can use this lotion to heal and moisturize even the most challenged skin.

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Organic Hand Filleted Aloe Vera, Organic Raw Honey, Grapeseed Oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, lactobacillus ferment (preservative), grapefruit extract, organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower lecithin, glycerin, potassium sorbate.

How to use

Liberally apply and massage into your skin preferably after bathing. Use 1 or 2 times per day.


Can I use your Organic Body Lotion on my feet?

Absolutely the lotion is made for any part of your body, even a little rubbed into the scalp is good. Our Organic Body Lotion is so effective that some customers have reported that they only have to use it every other day.

Is your Organic Body Lotion good for rash? 

Yes, we've even had feedback on its effectiveness to soothe and heal poison ivy or poison oak.



When I first started formulating skin care products. One ingredient I knew would be in my formulations was aloe. I have always had an aloe plant around, to take a leaf and squeeze the gel out for cuts, sunburns ect. 

But trying to find a commercial source of pure aloe gel was difficult. So, initially I bought fresh aloe and hand-scraped the gel out the leaf myself.

Most commercial aloe products used in cosmetics are extracted by crushing the whole plant and extracting the liquid. They can add up to 95% water. By doing this, some toxins from a latex substance in the aloe plant get in the product. Plus, the health benefits from these water-diluted products are very marginalized.

It took a while, but eventually I found a family farm In the United States that produced high quality aloe vera gel-hand-scraped from the leaf and they could produce large quantities.

This ingredient is the main ingredient in this lotion.

We mix it with another high-quality ingredient, organic raw honey. I am very particular about the quality of honey for my personal use. So, the beekeeper I buy my personal honey from is the same one we use in this product.

He is one of the larger producers of honey in the Midwest, but the bees are treated like family. They are well taken care of and produce excellent honey that imparts many health benefits.

The combination of these two very high-quality ingredients emulsified into a lotion is a product that has simple ingredients but extraordinary benefits. 

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