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ProGrow-Hair Follicle Stimulator-Saturates With Potent Hair Growth Nutrients, Extends the hair growth cycle, increases scalp circulation And Balances DHT-For Men And Women.

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This hair follicle stimulator delivers potent hair growth nutrients directly to the hair follicle which is more effective than taking supplements. These hair growth nutrients (herbs, vitamins and minerals) are liposomed (encapsulated in Phospholips) so they absorb fast and deep. All are are proven to help reduce hair loss and extend the hair growth cycle.

Hair goes through cycles of growing, resting and shedding. The most effective nutrient for extending the hair growth cycle is Appalachian Ginseng. Quality ginseng is expensive, in the range of $1000/pound, so most hair growth treatments with it listed, use only trace amounts. For good results, it takes a strong concentration, so we add about 6 grams per bottle.

Other nutrients play a role in hair loss like biotin, some B vitamins, amino acids and many others. Which is why we include all at optimal levels.

Increasing scalp circulation is vital for hair growth (it’s how minoxidil works). It provides more nutrients and oxygen for the hair follicle to grow hair and removes toxins. We use potent herbal vasodilators that increase scalp circulation and create that tingling effect when you use the product.

Hormones cause hair loss, when testosterone gets converted into excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-which attaches to the hair follicle and reduces its ability to uptake nutrients and grow hair. 

Certain herbs and plant phytosterols are known as DHT inhibitors (they reduce this conversion) like saw palmetto, beta sitosterol and others. We include all proven by science at optimal levels.

A defect in the metabolism of hormones from essential fatty acids can also cause excessive DHT. To help balance this we include very long-chain essential fatty acids extracted by us from rare Italian heirloom vegetable seeds. They help nourish and balance this delicate metabolism.

Hair thinning and balding involves multiple causes, so using a holistic, multi-targeted product (like this one) will always provide superior results.

Easy to use, just apply a few drops to the balding-thinning areas and rub in, plus its non-greasy.

Works equally well for men, women and is safe for colored hair.

We make it, here in the USA in our own FDA inspected facility.

Chemical-toxin free and if you are not satisfied just return for a full refund.

Order The Hair Follicle Stimulator Now…

Individual Results Will Vary.


ProGrow Hair Follicle Stimulator helps thicken by stimulating the hair follicle into and keeping it in the growing phase, enhancing scalp micro-circulation and delivering potent hair growth nutrients directly to the scalp and hair follicle.

These nutrients are liposomed (encapsulated in Phospholips) for better-faster absorption and are the most science proven herbs, vitamins and minerals for enhanced hair regrowth.

Topically applied nutrition is more effective at elevating nutrients in the scalp and hair follicle than orally taking hair growth supplements.

Most of the nutrients in this product are extracted by us from vegan foods, herbs and clays. We use a powerful extraction process that breaks everything down into exceedingly small particle sizes which are then concentrated and liposomed for deeper faster absorption and potency.

We have formulated and manufactured natural organic hair loss products for more than ten years and strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest science concerning hair loss.

This product contains the most up to date ingredients that can help with hair loss.

Chemical-toxin free and if you’re not satisfied just return it for a full refund.

Order The Hair Follicle Stimulator And Start Improving Your Hair Now…

Individual Results Will Vary.


Hair Growth Extract (HGE)-Bio-ferment extraction of Appalachian ginseng, eclipta, red clover, saw palmetto, myrth, neem, ginko , ginger, fo-ti, prickly ash bark, bayberry, reishi mushroom, licorice root, shiso, green rooibios, beet root, thyme, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, mung bean sprouts, organic oats, flax seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, heirloom vegetable seeds and fresh organic apples], [vegan food extracted vitamins including biotin, lysine, alpha ketoglutarate and niacin], aged black and green tea, proprietary blend plant sterols, essential oils (peppermint and sandlewood), grapefruit extract, potassium sorbate, bio-ferment (lactobacillus preservative).

How to use

Apply a few drops to the balding-thinning areas and massage-making sure to include some on the entire are of the top scalp. It also adds immediate fullness, volume and hold, helping to reduce the amount of styling aids.

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