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4 step kit for non-surgical face and neck lift.

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Loose or sagging skin occurs when internal or external factors affect the key molecules that help keep the skin elastic, firm, and hydrated. Most people start to experience skin laxity, or loosening, between the ages of 35 and 40 years and over time it becomes progressively worse.

With this kit you will only do 4 steps:

Step One: Cleanse With Liquid Mineral Cleanser Daily. 

Step Two: Use Mudzyme Mask 3 Times Per week. AM or PM. 

Step Three: Apply Natural Fusion FaceLift Cream Daily AM or PM 

Step Four: Apply Volumption 1 or 2 Times Per Day After Applying Face Lift Cream.

Free : Bamboo Toning Mist. Gently mist as your final step every time you do your routine. 

Regular price all three products-$205.84

Kit Price all three products-$175.84 Save $30

Plus Free Bamboo Toning Mist $18 Value. 

This Kit Includes:

1 Liquid Mineral Cleanser

1 Mudzyme Mask

1 Natural Fusion Face Lift Cream

1 Volumption

1 Bamboo Toning Mist-Free

Start lifting your skin Now...



To give yourself a non-surgical face and neck lift, do the following: 

Exfoliate, flush oxygen and apply compression. 

Mudzyme is mask that is a combination of our enzyme peel and clay mask in one product. It removes the outer dead skin layer, infuses the skin with oxygen and other vital nutrients. And applies a compression so the skin becomes tight and firm. Giving an immediate smoothing of lines and wrinkles. With longer use results keep improving. 

  • Provide Cells With Nutrients They Can Use To Instantly Reconnect Broken Elastin And Collagen Fibers. So You Experience An Immediate Tightening And Firming. 
  • This facelift cream saturates your skin with peptides, growth factors and integrins so your face and neck instantly tighten and continues to improve with longer use.
  • Plus, it provides a wealth of other food extracted nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and much more.


Cleanse And Nourish Your Skin Using Only All-Natural Ingredients.

This Liquid Mineral Cleanser deeply cleanses Without Stripping The Skin's Protective Barrier. So it will not compromise the protective barrier of the skin by stripping away the fatty acids that keep the skin's moisture from evaporating. The more you use chemical cleansers the more likely you will have chronic dry skin which reduces the skin's ability to repair and renew itself. This organic liquid mineral not only cleans and nourishes, it helps make your skin healthy.

Increase the volume of subcutaneous fat. 

As you age the subcutaneous fat thin, making likes and wrinkles more visible.  Volumption adds volume by helping the fat cells under the skin become larger-filling in deep lines and wrinkles. It is your best option for adding volume with a topical product. It is extremely effective for plumping the skin. Maximum results usually take around 30 days.

 Tone your skin.

Nature’s Bamboo Toner-Is A hydrating Mist Made From Fresh Bamboo Leaves. It provides high levels of silica which enhances the tightening effect of Natural Fusion Face Lift Cream. And adds profound moisturization. 

With this kit you're only doing 4 steps:

Cleansing daily with the liquid mineral cleanser.

Applying the Mudzyme Mask several times per week

Applying Volumption before applying the face lift cream, Am or Pm.

Massaging the Natural Fusion Face Lift Cream into the skin after applying 

Volumption, daily AM or PM.

Misting Bamboo Toning Mist as the final step or anytime you want quick moisture. 

Everything you need to give yourself a non-surgical face and neck lift using only healthy natural ingredients is in this kit.  Plus, you're saving $30 off of buying the products individually. 

Regular price for all three products-$168.87

Kit Price all three products-$148.87 Save $20

Plus Free Bamboo Toning Mist $18 Value And Free Shipping USA.

Start lifting your skin Now... 

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