Mudzyme-A combination of the clay mask and enzyme peel in one product. 100% natural chemical free.

Mudzyme-A combination of the clay mask and enzyme peel in one product. 100% natural chemical free.

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A combination of our clay mask and enzyme peel that deeply exfoliates, detoxes and nourishes the skin with a wealth of nutrients. Increases enzymes and blood flow for faster repair and renewal.
  • The Clay Pushes The Enzyme Peel Deeper Into The Skin For Fast And Deep Exfoliation.

  • The Active Enzymes In The Peel Release The Oxygen Trapped In The Clay So  The Skin Becomes Oxygenated And Helps Diminish The Appearance Of Large Pores, Age Spots, Hyper Pigmentation, Scars And Blemishes.

  • Immediately Firms And Provides A More Youthful Appearance While Feeding Your Skin Food Sourced Vitamins, Minerals And Other Nutrients.

  • Cleans Pores And Resurfaces Your Skin So Its Smooth And Glowing. 

  • This Product Is Truly Amazing. No Chemicals-Only Natural Food Source Ingredients Are Used In The Making Of This Product.

*results may vary from person to person*


Mudzyme is an effective natural option to deeply exfoliate, infuse oxygen and provide food source retinol for the skin.

We manufacture this product to be powerful.

The enzyme peel is made with fresh fruits and vegetables that are hand-washed, chopped and placed in a fermentation tank with our own unique live cultures. When the enzymes become their most active we stop the process and make the peel.

The Clay Mask we use is made with a proprietary rare earth clay that contains high levels of oxygent trapped in its many layers.

When you apply and spread Mudzyme on your face some of this oxygen get released and infused into the skin. Giving you an affordable alternative to expensive oxygen facials and the enxymes provide excellent exfoliation.

No chemicals are added, it doesn't need any, it's very powerful with only the live enzymes oxygen and other nutrients.

The difference between the way chemicals and enzymes work when used in peels is this.

Chemicals burn the skin and enzymes loosen the protein bonds holding the skin cells together so they easily wash off. The enzymes have to be abundant and active for an enzyme peel to work on its own.

Most enzyme peels are just chemcial peels masquarading as enzyme peels. They do not have enough active enzymesl to actually exfoliate so they add chemicals like glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicyclic acid. They wouldn't exfoliate without them.

Mudzyme produces stellar results without any added chemicals. Using chemicals even small amounts to burn your skin for exfoliation over the long term is not the healthiest option.

Using Mudzyme over the long term is healthy and will improve the appearance of your skin. Helping to diminish age spots, uneven skin tone. provide you with superior anti aging benefits.

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Fresh Spring water, Fresh Pineapples, Fresh Papaya, Fresh Asparagus Tips, Bladderwrack Seaweed, Rare Earth mineral clay, , olive oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin c, green tea, peppermint leaf, gotu kola, msm, white oak bark, aloe vera, frankincense, raw honey, aloe vera juice, Grapefruit Extract, Fermented Horseradish, potassium sorbate.

How to use

Do a patch test on inner arm before use.

Starting out spread a small amount over your skin area and leave on a few minutes and rinse. As you keep using the product you can increase the amount and time left on your skin for better results.

Can be used as a spot treatment, simply apply to the problem area and follow the above instructions.

Redness and a tingly feeling is normal when using this product however if your skin feels overly irritated or burns discontinue use.

Can be used daily as long as the amounts are small and rinsed off within a few minutes and no more than 5 days in a row. After a few days rest you can start another cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my products?

Usually between 5 and 7 working days from your order date.

How does your money back guarantee work? b>

You send us the product within 30 days of purchase with an explanation of why you are returning the product, and we refund your money. However, we reserve the right to investigate as some of our large competitors are known to use this exploratory tactic as a way to try to put someone out of business. You definitely will get your money back if you are a consumer who is not satisfied with the product. All legitimate consumer concerns will be honored.

Is my information safe and private?

Yes, we never see any of your credit card information when you order through the website, and your name and address is only for us to use to ship and communicate with you on an as needed basis. We will never share any information about you with a third party.

Can I call and ask questions?

Yes, our customer service is the best in this industry. We enjoy staying in contact with our customers and giving advice on the use of our products.

Can I call or write and talk to someone before purchasing?

Yes, we would rather you call or contact us through the contact page rather than not purchase. If you have unanswered questions, we want to hear them. For most people these products are what they have been looking for (in many cases, for years) but they've never found them. Feel free to call or write us through the contact page, anytime.


Looking for A natural option for replacing strong chemical peels or retinol creams?

Mudzyme is more powerful version of our enzyme peel. A combination of the clay mask and enzyme peel in one product. 100% natural chemical free. Rapidly Pushes The Enzyme Peel Deep So More Accumulated Layers Of Dead Skin Are Removed, Immediately Age Spots, Hyper Pigmentation And Blemishes Are Less Visible. Pores Are Cleansed And Reduced And Your Skin Tightens And Lifts. This Product Is Truly Amazing.

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