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3 steps to heal problem skin

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Looking for an effective solution for problem skin? Cleansing your skin the healthy way is when you use natural cleansers that remove dirt, pathogenic bacteria, excess oils, toxins and odor without damaging the skins protective barrier or killing the friendly probiotic bacteria that live on your skin. 

Cleaning your skin the toxic way is using chemical cleansers that clean but cause damage to the skin. Chemicals remove the fatty acids that make up the outer protective skin barrier. This allows more exposure to toxins and moisture evaporation from the skin possibly causing chronic dry itchy skin.

With this kit you're only doing 3 steps:

Step One: Use Clay Cleansing Bar daily..

 Step Two: Use Detox Bath Bombs Up To 3 Times Weekly. 

 Step Three: Liberally apply Honey Aloes Lotion Daily-preferably after bathing.

The kit includes:

1 Clay Cleansing Bar.
1 Honey Aloe Lotion.
5 Detox Bath Bombs.

 Regular price all three products-$93

 Kit Price all two products-$73 Save $20

 Start treating problem skin Now... 

This Kit has everything you need to treat problem skin using only healthy natural ingredients. Plus, when you buy this kit you save $20 off buying the products individually.

 To balance and heal your skin, do the following:


without using toxic chemicals. This Clay Cleansing Bar is the healthy alternative to the often irritating, chemical, and detergent based personal care products currently in general use. It lathers rich, deep cleans and nourishes with herbs and minerals. 


The detox your body mineral bath bomb Is the most effective and pleasant detoxification method you will ever experience. Safely removes years of toxic accumulation in one bath. Infuses your skin with a full spectrum (over 80 bio-available minerals) Plus saturates your entire body with Vitamin C and deeply moisturizes. 


This Honey Aloe Lotion is made using the highest quality organic aloe vera and raw honey in the world. It deeply moisturizes, heals dry itchy skin and repairs damaged skin like sunburns. This is the most potent aloe vera lotion on the market. We only use the gel which is hand scraped from fresh aloe vera leaves. 

With this kit you're only doing 3 steps:

    Using The Clay Cleansing Bar daily..

    Taking A Bath With A Detox Your Body Bath Bomb. 

    Liberally apply The Honey Aloe Lotion Daily-preferably after bathing.

    Everything you need to treat problem skin using only healthy natural ingredients is in this kit. Plus, you're saving $20 off buying the products individually.

    Regular price-$93

     Kit Price-$73 Save $20

     Start improving your problem skin Now... 

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