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Organic Sunless Tanner-Provides a natural looking tan and makes your skin healthier by feeding your skin powerful extracts of mushroom Vitamin D, saffron and tumeric

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This Sunless Tanner Provides A Natural Tan-Like Color That Is Lighter Than The Other Orange Rust Looking Tanners. 

If You Want A Nice Subtle Tan-Like Glow This Is Your Product. 

If You Want The Darker Orange Rust Looking Tanner This Would Not Be Your Tanner. 

Easy Application Just Mist It On. Dries Fast So You Can Tan Put Your Clothes On And Not Worry About Staining.

No Funky Smell Or Orange-Fake Tan Look. 

Gives Your Skin A Vitamin D Boost Extracted From Mushrooms By Us. 

Provides Powerful Antioxidants From Saffron And Tumeric.

 *results may vary from person to person*


The Number 1 Factor For Attractiveness is having darker colored skin like you get with a sun tan. Science proves it.

Women and men both are perceived as more attractive, sexier and powerful with a tan like color.

This sunless tanner is easy to apply you just mist it on. It doesn't stain because we don't add any colorants and it doesn't have that funky smell because there aren't any toxic  chemicals. 

It not only gives you a natural looking tan-it also makes your skin healthier because of the mushroom extract, saffron and tumeric we add.

You Can Use This Sunless Tanner To Get The Color You Want. From Light Tan All The Way Up To Dark Brown.

Just Keep Applying Daily Until You Reach Your Desired Color Then To Maintain Apply 1 or 2 Times Weekly.


Fresh Spring Water, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Fresh Chaga and Reishi Mushroom Extraction, Fresh Saffron Stigma and Whole Tumeric Root Extraction, Fresh Peppermint Extraction, Sugar Extracted DHA, Fresh Raspberry with Erythrose Extraction, Proprietary Mushroom Vitamin D Extraction, Grapefruit Extract, Horseradish Bio-Ferment, Potassium Sorbate.

How to use

Use this Organic Sunless Tanner and get that attractive golden bronze skin color now without any skin damage. Spray the areas you want to tan.

Application will dry within a few minutes and then you can apply again, up to 3 times.

For best results apply 1-2 applications initially and wait a couple of days to determine color effect, then repeat.

Use 1-2 applications per week to maintain color. Wait at least 1 hour before bathing. If you over-spray use your fingers to spread excess product.

Hands should not change color if washed with soap and warm water within 5 minutes of contact.

If concerned about discoloration, wear latex gloves. The tan will actually build over time for a period of 36-48 hours. For best results, clean skin before application and keep skin moisturized. Do a skin test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the natural ingredients.



Easy Application Just Mist It On. Dries Fast So You Can Tan Put Your Clothes On And Not Worry About Staining.

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