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Proveine Vegan Protein Oil-Helps Boost The Protein Levels In Your Skin So That It Can Become Stronger, Thicker And More Elastic.

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Skip The Tanning Bed And Go For Fruits And Vegetables For Enhanced Skin Color.

CAROTENOID COLORED SKIN OR WHAT'S CALLED A CAROTENOID TAN  imparts a more attractive skin color than a regular tan (proven by a scientific study). 

Applying this carotenoid rich gel to your skin not only imparts a beautiful golden tan-like glow, it also provides a wealth of food extracted nutrients to protect and enhance the health of your skin. 

 *results may vary from person to person*


Applying this carotenoid rich gel to your skin imparts a beautiful golden tan-like glow as illustrated in the photo below.

This is an illustration of the color of a CAROTENOID TAN.The picture in the center is the woman’s normal skin color,the one on the left is a suntan and the one on the right is a carotenoid tan.

Researchers have found fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids give the skin a tan-like glow. A study was reported in the journal Evolution And Human Behavior that when given a choice, participants PREFERRED THE CAROTENOID SKIN COLOR OVER SUN-TANNED SKIN.

You can also achieve a carotenoid tan by eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables for 2 or 3 months. But CaroTan will instantly give you that same color with the same skin health benefits you would get from eating all of those healthy foods.

If your looking for a truly healthy option for a tan-like glow then CaroTan is your product.

Use it on your face and body. Can also be used as a bronzer under makeup.

Not Only are you giving your skin an attractive tan-like color, you also are providing it with other benefits like.

Skin firming- carotenoids increase procollagen which is the first step in producing more collagen. More collagen is not going to happen without more procollagen happening first.

Even-Out Skin Tone-The golden glow you get from applying high levels of topical carotenoids helps even out the skin tone so it looks more even and attractive.

Carotenoids Play A Major Role In Helping Protect Your Skin From the oxidative damage caused by UVA, UVB And Blue Light Exposure (blue light is more damaging to the skin than UVA and UVB. You get exposed to it from the sun, computers, tv's, cell phones and other electronic gadgets). Because we all use these electronic gadgets its important to have higher levels of carotenoids in your skin.

Moisturizes-Higher levels of carotenoids enhance the skins ability to produce more hyaluronic acid. Plus carotenoids strengthen and thicken the skin’s barrier. Helping to keep the skin’s natural moisture from evaporating.

A study done in Experimental Dermatology in 2011 concluded that people with higher levels of carotenoids in their skin looked younger and were perceived as more attractive-because lines and wrinkles associated with skin aging were not as visible as with people with lower levels of carotenoids in their skin.

It took 6 years of research and development for us to get the right combination of carotenoid rich foods properly broken down into the right ratios-so the product imparts a tan-like color while imparting extreme skin health benefits.

We make this product using our trade-secret bio-extraction technology where we take whole foods and using fermentation and other processes break these foods down into small molecules that can absorb into your skin.

Start Enhancing Your Skin Color And The Health Of Your Skin Now!

Buy With Confidence You Can Return The Product Within 39 Days For A Full Refund.


Bio-extracted fresh organic (sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, apricots, papaya, pineapple, red peppers, carrots), fresh turmeric root, Persian saffron stigmas, organic jojoba oil, glycerin, grapefruit extract, bio-ferment (preservative).<

Bio-extraction is a trade-secret fermentation process that extracts nutrients from fresh whole foods which we use in making our products.

How to use

Apply to skin and massage until fully absorbed. You can layer for more enhanced effect. Cleansing first is preferred but not necessary. Use as you would any face or body lotion. Wash hands after applying and allow several hours before wearing light-colored clothes or bathing. The tan-like golden glow will increase with continued use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my products? 

Usually between 5 and 7 working days from your order date.

How does your money back guarantee work? 

You send us the product within 30 days of purchase with an explanation of why you are returning the product, and we refund your money. However, we reserve the right to investigate as some of our large competitors are known to use this exploratory tactic as a way to try to put someone out of business. You definitely will get your money back if you are a consumer who is not satisfied with the product. All legitimate consumer concerns will be honored.

Is my information safe and private?

Yes, we never see any of your credit card information when you order through the website, and your name and address is only for us to use to ship and communicate with you on an as needed basis. We will never share any information about you with a third party.

Can I call and ask questions? 

Yes, our customer service is the best in this industry. We enjoy staying in contact with our customers and giving advice on the use of our products.

Can I call or write and talk to someone before purchasing?

Yes, we would rather you call or contact us through the contact page rather than not purchase. If you have unanswered questions, we want to hear them. For most people these products are what they have been looking for (in many cases, for years) but they've never found them. Feel free to call or write us through the contact page, anytime.

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