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ProGrow Hair Growth Shampoo Bar-Rich Lathering, Moisturizing Clay Shampoo Bar-Removes Oil, Toxic Buildup, Dirt And Dandruff. Gives Your Hair A Shampoo And Clay Mask Treatment In One Product.

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Applying a clay mask to your hair and scalp is an excellent scalp and hair treatment. But not something most will do on a regular basis. This clay shampoo bar allows you to not only shampoo your hair but give it a clay treatment every time you shampoo.

What makes this clay shampoo bar so healthy and effective? The soap loosens up the toxins, dirt, residue-buildup and dandruff. When the clay comes into contact with these particles they attach so more are removed when you rinse, than if you just used soap.

It is an artisanal masterpiece that uses ancient techniques combined with the latest science to bring you the full benefits of combining soap, clay and herbs.

The herbs in this shampoo bar are at peak potency-so you get their full benefit for better hair growth. They are fully extracted into the soap using a curing process where the soap is stored for 30 days in climate-controlled pods. Giving the herbs enough time and the right conditions to fully extract into the shampoo bar.  

To keep your hair and scalp healthy you need a shampoo that cleans without causing damage. Most commercial shampoos contain toxic surfactants (chemicals that make lather). Over time they can cause irritation, inflammation and hair follicle corrosion which can accelerate hair loss.

This shampoo bar deeply cleans and nourishes with potent nutrients without damage so your hair and scalp are clean and most importantly healthy.


Ingredients: Saponified organic olive, coconut and castor oils, rare earth mineral clay, montmorillonite clay, French green clay, proprietary herbal blend [eclipta, red clover, saw palmetto, Appalachian ginseng, myrth, neem, ginko , ginger, fo-ti, prickly ash bark, bayberry, reishi mushroom, licorice root, shiso, green rooibios, beet root, thyme, rosemary, peppermint] vitamins [zinc, glycine, biotin, lysine] Essential Oils [sandalwood, peppermint]


Directions: Apply shampoo bar directly to wet hair until you have rich lather. Make sure your hair and shampoo bar are completely wet before applying. Leave in one minute and rinse. Can be used daily. Safe for color treated and all hair types.

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