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Oxi Glow-Bubbling Oxygen Coffee Scrub. Infuses Your Skin With Oxygen While Exfoliating, Moisturizing And Deeply Cleansing.

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Deeply Cleans And Exfoliates Removing Debris, Dead Skin, Toxins And Tightens Loose Creepy Skin.

Infuses The Skin With Oxygen, Caffeine, And Other Nutrients Dramatically Improving The Appearance Of Cellulite, Stretch Marks And Uneven Pigmentation.

It Makes Your Skin Silky-Smooth, Moisturized And Vibrant.

The Immediate Transformation You Get From OxiGlow Is Amazing.

*results may vary from person to person*


Oxi Glow allows you to clean, exfoliate and moisturize at a level you have never experienced with any other skin care product.

Its like giving yourself a mud mask, oxygen facial, exfoliating peel and moisturizing treatment in one product.

The oxygen in this product, is from a clay deposit that we control which contains large amounts of oxygen trapped between millions of microscopic layers.

The oxygen gets released into the skin when the clay and the our trade secret mineral activator comes into contact with water.

So while your skin is wet and your scrubbing-these tiny oxygen bubbles are trapped in the oils and phospholipids and get absorbed into the skin.

They also help release toxins and add strength to the collagen and elastin fibers so the skin firms and becomes smoother. 

Plus, the increased circulation helps dissolve fat  and make stretch marks, age spots and hyper-pigmentation diminish in appearance. 

The Himalayan salt, coffee and fruit enzymes deeply exfoliate, making your skin silky smooth.

The cinnamon and ginger are added for their antioxidant properties and when combined with the bubbling oxygen they reach a deeper layer in the skin enhancing the effects of these nutrients.

The oil is organic extra virgin olive oil which is teeming with full spectrum vitamin E and the jojoba oil is organic giving you skin deep moisturization. 

Start Improving Your Skin Now...


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic jojoba oil esters, Glycerin (usp), Pink himalayan salt, Organic fair trade coffee, Fresh Fruit Enzymes, Organic ginger root, Ceylon Cinnamon, Rare earth oxygen clay, Saponified Coconut and Olive Oil, Trade Secret Mineral Activator (proprietary blend of all natural mineral elements) Organic Vanilla Extract.

How to use

Before you use take a small amount in your palm and sprinkle a little water on it so it starts bubbling. This gives you an idea of how much water is need for the oxygen to be released.

Thoroughly wet skin and take a small amount and hold onto the skin for a second or two until the product reacts with the water and starts bubbling-then start spreading and scrubbing.

If using on face scoop scrub into your palm and sprinkle water until it bubbles then take your fingers and gently scrub.

Do not rub on dry skin. If times allows let sit on your skin for a minute or two and then rinse.

Not recommended for use on sensitive or freshly shaved skin.

Do a skin patch test before use.

Keep product container out of direct contact with water and keep tightly sealed between uses.

Do not apply to much pressure when scrubbing, gentle scrubbing produces best results.

Oxi Glow-Bubbling Oxygen Coffee Scrub-infuses your skin with oxygen while exfoliating, moisturizing.

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