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Detox Bath Bomb-In 30 minutes remove toxins, inches and reduce your stress similar to a 1 hour deep tissue massage

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The detox your body mineral bath bomb Is the most effective and pleasant detoxification method you will ever experience.

Safely removes years of toxic accumulation in one bath.

Infuses your skin with a full spectrum (over 80 bio-available  minerals) Plus Vitamin C.

Deeply moisturizes every square inch of your skin with organic argan oil.

Dramatically reduces the stress levels in your body in a way most have never experienced.

Aids in weight loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Improves Problem Skin like Eczema, Psoriasis and Dry Itchy Skin.

Neutralizes the chlorine and chloramines in the bath water.

To absolutely look and feel your best you need to do something to detox your body.

Treat yourself to an experience in your home, that is better than going to an expensive mineral spa .

 *results may vary from person to person*


The detox your body mineral bath bomb Is the most effective and pleasant detoxification method you will ever experience.

Here's Why.

Toxic Overload Is A Problem In Our Modern Day Society. According to the Environmental Protection Agency we are exposed to over 80,000 toxins whether it is through the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink or products we use.

There is benefit to all forms of detoxing whether it is fasting, juicing, colonics or many others.

However the best is perspiration-sweating will remove more toxins from the tissues than other methods of detoxing.

And sweating in water is more effective than sweating in a sauna for removing toxins.

Which is why epsom salt baths have been so popular for so many years and is why we add ultra-fine Epsom Salt To Our Bath Bombs.

An epsom salt bath really does work at removing toxins from the body. Chemically it is magnesium and sulfur bonded together. These two elements dissolved in bath water will permeate through the skin and cause toxins to be released and the body will increase its levels of both sulfur and magnesium which most people are deficient in.

The problem with getting results from an epsom salt bath-is having enough epsom salt in the bath water so that the osmotic pressure of the bath water is high enough for the magnesium and sulfate ions to permeate so the toxins get released from the skin.

Which is why we add our ultra fine particle size rare mineral clay to the bath bomb. We Spin the this clay in a centrifuge so a few tablespoons is equivalent to a few pounds of clay.

Its like putting epsom salt on steroids-The detoxing power is dramatically increased and you get the benefit of a clay bath without the mess.

This unique clay increases the potential of the epsom salt by a factor of 46-which means you have to use 46 times more epsom salt than what is in the bath bomb to equal the effect.

Clay baths have more potential at removing toxins than epsom salt because the clay greatly increases the osmotic pressure of the water-so the fulvic acid minerals from the clay and the magnesium and sulfur from the epsom salt can permeate the skin.

For your bath to be truly healthy the chlorine must be neutralized. We do that by adding large amounts of vitamin C enough for 100 gallons of bath water.

This Bath Bomb deeply moisturizes your skin in a way that just rubbing lotion on your skin cannot.

Relaxing in the bath water with the increased osmotic pressure from the clay and epsom salts helps push the organic Argan oil deep into the tissues.

Plus your moisturizing areas of the body that are not normally getting enough lotion applied, like your back, your feet, the back of your legs and other places.

There is almost 2 ounces of organic argan oil in every Detox Your Body Mineral Bath bomb.

The Detox Your Body Bath Bomb is one of the best stress relievers you will ever experience.

It's equivalent to a 1 hour deep tissue massage.

All Doctors agree that reducing stress is positive for your health. The Detox Your Body Mineral Bath Bomb not only relaxes your body it relaxes your mind giving you a sense of peace with the world and your place in it.

Weight loss and Inches is normal after the bath and a smoothing and reduced appearance of cellulite is apparent.

Detox Your Body Now.


Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Ultra-Fine Epson Salt, Rare ultra-fine Mineral Clay, L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Organic Argan Oil, Organic Citrus Extract, Organic Vanilla Absolute.

How to use

The Organic Argan Oil Is going to make the bathtub slippery after the detox bath bomb is placed in the water, be careful getting in and out of the bathtub after using the Detox Mineral Bathbomb. We highly Recommend the use of an anti slip bathmat placed in the bath tub before use.

We also recommend using an anti slip mat on the bathroom floor after getting out of the bath. An added precaution would be to drain the bath, use a little soap on the bottom of the bathtub and then rinse until you feel no slip before standing up.

Fill your bathtub with warm to almost hot water about 1/2 full. Immerse yourself in the water and place the detox your body bath bomb in the water. Let the bath bomb bubble and fizz and disperse the ingredients throughout the bath water. Then just simply relax in the water and add a bit more hot water to keep the temperature comfortably hot.

After 15 to 30 minutes drain bathtub and rinse with a shower. If at anytime you feel nauseous or light-headed discontinue bath.

Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition or take medications please consult with a doctor before using this detox your body mineral bath bomb. Do not consume alcohol or any drug, legal or illegal before use.

Do not exceed 30 minutes None of our statements have been evaluated by the FDA for medical accuracy.

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Detox Mineral Bath Bomb infuses your skin with a full spectrum (over 80 bio-available minerals) Plus Vitamin C Deeply moisturizes every square inch of your skin with organic argan oil.

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