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3 Step System to remove facial age spots and improve hyperpigmentation.

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Dark uneven spots on the skin are perceived as the main marker of aging and can make you look 5 to 10 years older than your real age.

Everyone at some point will develop skin spots. Which are caused from too much melanin (a pigment that gives your skin color) or lipofuscin (cellular waste that gets dumped into the skin commonly called liver spots).

Melanin spots are common and you see them on everybody young and old.

You get them from to much sun exposure, scarring from acne, hormonal imbalances or other causes.

Lipofuscin is commonly called liver spots and is seen mainly on older people.

This 3 Step System is effective for both excess melanin and lipofuscin. 

Most skin lighteners use very toxic chemicals like hydroquinone to treat dark skin spots, hyper-pigmentation and melasma. Which can irritate and damage the skin causing permanent white spots and possible health issues. .

To eliminate age spots on face you only need to do 3 things:


without using toxic chemicals (chemicals like glycolic acid can make hyper-pigmentation worse).  Mudzyme is an effective natural option to deeply exfoliate, infuse oxygen and provide food source retinol for the skin.


Dark Spots And Hyper-Pigmentation-

Herbal Light Is A Non Toxic Dark Spot Remover That Is More Effective Than Using Toxic Chemicals Like Hydroquinone To Remove Age, Liver Spots,  Dark Marks, Hyperpigmentation Areas, Melasma, Acne Marks Or To Just Lighten Skin.  


Reduce skin oxidation.

Keeping the skin with optimal levels of antioxidants is critical to not only diminish existing skin spots but also to prevent them from developing. Apply the Vitamin C Serum daily-preferably PM. It will elevate the vitamin C levels in your skin up to optimal in just a few days and keep it there.


        Step One: Use Mudzyme at least 3 times per week. AM or PM.

        Step Two: Apply Herbal LIght Dark Spot Corrector Daily AM or PM. 

        Step Three: Apply Vitamin C Serum Daily AM or PM

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 Start diminishing dark skin spots and hyperpigmentation Now... 

This Kit has everything you need to remove age spots on your face using only healthy natural ingredients. Plus, when you buy this kit you save $20 off buying the products individually and you get Free Shipping USA.

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