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2 step full body detox and moisturization.

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Moisturizing and detoxing your body regularly. Reduces the chance of developing extreme dryness, oiliness or problem skin like rash and itchiness. 

With this kit you only need to do 2 steps:

 Step One: Use the detox body bath bomb 1 to 3 times weekly. 

 Step Two: Liberally apply Honey Aloe Lotion and massage into your skin preferably after bathing. Use 1 or 2 times per day.

 Regular price for all products-$58

 Kit Price-$48 Save $10 

The kit includes:

3 Detox Bath Bombs
1 Honey lotion;

 Start moisturizing and detoxing your body Now... 

 To deeply moisturize and detox your whole body do the following:

Detox your skin. 

The detox your body mineral bath bomb Is the most effective and pleasant detoxification method you will ever experience. Safely removes years of toxic accumulation in one bath. Infuses your skin with a full spectrum (over 80 bio-available  minerals) Plus Vitamin C. And deeply moisturizes every square inch of your body. 

 Moisturize and nourish your skin. 

This Honey Aloe Lotion is made using the highest quality organic aloe vera and raw honey in the world. It deeply moisturizes, heals dry itchy skin and repairs damaged skin like sunburns. This is the most potent aloe vera lotion on the market. The aloe is 100% pure hand scraped from fresh aloe leaves. 

    With this kit you're only doing 2 steps.

    Using the bath bomb at least 1 time per week.

    Applying the Honey Aloe Lotion at least 1 time per day. 

     Regular price for all products-$58

     Kit Price $48 Save $10

    This kit includes:

    3 Detox Bath Bombs
    1 Honey lotion;

     Start moisturizing your body Now... 

    Everything you need to deeply moisturize and detox your body using only healthy natural ingredients is in this kit.  Plus, you're saving $10 off buying the products individually and you get Free Shipping. 

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