Vitamin C Serum-Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid-Improves Age Spots, Helps Firm And Tighten Skin And So Much More.
Vitamin C Serum-Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid-Improves Age Spots, Helps Firm And Tighten Skin And So Much More.
Vitamin C Serum-Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid-Improves Age Spots, Helps Firm And Tighten Skin And So Much More.
Vitamin C Serum-Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid-Improves Age Spots, Helps Firm And Tighten Skin And So Much More.

Vitamin C Serum-Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid-Improves Age Spots, Helps Firm And Tighten Skin And So Much More.

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A Fast-Acting Liposomal 20% L Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Serum (L Ascorbic Acid Is The Only Form That Produces Results Topically).

Immediately Your Skin gets tighter, lines and wrinkles smooth and sun damage age spots become less visible and these results continue to improve over time.

This Serum Produces Retains Its Potency For Up To 1 Year after purchase.

Enhanced With Whole Food Vitamin C co-factors Extracted From Fresh Organic Fruits, that increase the potency and effects of the Vitamin C over 500% .

All Natural-Organic.

*individual results will vary.*


Vita Cerum (tm) Is The Most Effective Natural Organic Vitamin C Serum.

Here's why.

Vitamin C is the main nutrient involved in Collagen synthesis and the main anti-oxidant in your skin. You cannot produce collagen without it.

Vitamin C levels in your skin start dropping in your late 20's and continue to decline as you keep getting older. This results in sagging skin and sun damage.

Taking Vitamin C orally is great internally however very little Vitamin C reaches your skin. Scientific Studies prove that an effective Vitamin C serum used topically is 20 times more effective at raising the Vitamin C levels in the skin than the oral route.

For Vitamin C to work topically it has to be dissolved in water and this is where the problem with Vitamin C serums start.

The L ascorbic acid starts reacting with the oxygen in the water and air and oxidizes which means it loses hydrogen molecules and becomes dehydroascorbic acid which is not vitamin C and will not raise the vitamin C levels in the skin.

Some companies mix Vitamin C with Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants to slow this process down and it does extend the time of oxidation maybe a few weeks from a few days but for a commercial product that is still not good.

We dissolve the L ascorbic acid in a whole food broth of fresh fruits bio-extracted using a cutting-edge proprietary technology that minimizes the oxidation of L ascorbic acid and then we encapsulate the L-ascorbic acid with microscopic organic phospholipids that provides a barrier to the vitamin C reacting with oxygen.

This unique process allows the vitamin C to penetrate the skin to a deeper level providing you with superior Vitamin C benefits.

An effective topical Vitamin C serum is one of the best investments you can make for your skin, irregardless of age.

As a consumer you are trying to decide which Vitamin C serum will give you the best results for your money.

Here are the facts you should consider before purchasing any Vitamin C serum. The most important fact-don't buy any Vitamin C serum that has any stabilized form of vitamin C as its active ingredient-(Magnesuim ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbate phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Scorbyl Palmitate and there are others)-any name other than L ascorbic acid or ascorbic acid is a waste of money.

Here's why.

Scientific studies show that these vitamin C derivatives do not increase Vitamin C levels in the skin. The following is a quote from a scientific study, [Topical L-Ascorbic Acid: Percutaneous Absorption Studies],-- "Derivatives of ascorbic acid including magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl-6-palmitate, and dehy-droascorbic acid did not increase skin levels of L-ascorbic acid."

The reason these stabilized forms of vitamin C do not work topically is because vitamin C cannot work when it is attached to another molecule. These forms are fine when taken orally because your digestive system can break the L ascorbic acid free from the stabilizers however there is no mechanism in your skin that can do that.

Also look at the packaging. The biggest problem for vitamin C degradation is air and most vitamin C serums are in dropper bottles so opening and closing your container is not good. Vitamin C serums should always be in airtight dispensing containers.

Also light oxidizes vitamin C and again most vitamin C serums are in amber glass bottles. Amber does filter out some light but not all. Black recyclable plastic is the best. Which is why we package ours in a Black airtight serum pump dispensing container.

The PH of any Vitamin C Serum is important. For it to be effective the PH has to be 3.5 or lower, ours is manufactured at 3.2 which is the most optimal.

Vita Cerum(tm) delivers more Vitamin C benefits faster to your skin at less cost than any other Vitamin C serum being sold. Start Nourishing And Improving Your Skin Now.


Energetically Enhanced Distilled Water, Organic Hand-Filleted

Aloe Vera, L ascorbic acid, 20%, Vitamin C Co-factors 

(from fresh organic citrus fruits) , Glutathione, Lysine plus full spectrum 

Amino acids extracted from fresh vegan protein foods. 

Vegam Hyalurate-(from organic fruit and vegetable pulp), 

Full spectrum Vitamin E (including tocotrienols),

Essential Fatty Acids, Vegetable Glycerin, jojoba oil, turmeric, 

grapefruit extract, fermented radish, organic phospholipids, saffron.

How to use

Cleanse and apply several pumps to the face and neck. Allow a few minutes to absorb before

Applying makeup or other skin care products. Use 1 or 2 times daily, AM or PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Vitamin C Serum - Fast Acting Liposomal 20% L-ascorbic acid. Helps Prevent Your Skin From Aging.

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