Understanding Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

Hair fall and loss of volume can be caused by a number of factors, such as excessive styling and brushing, an unhealthy diet, hormones, stress, and genetics. Poor hair care habits and use of chemical treatments can also cause hair to thin and fall out.

Excessive use of heat tools, such as flat irons or blow dryers as well as using too much styling product which can corrode the hair follicle and contribute to hair loss.

An unhealthy diet can cause hair loss. The body needs certain vitamins, minerals, and proteins to maintain healthy hair. A lack of these nutrients can cause the hair follicles to weaken, resulting in thinning hair. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help keep hair strong and healthy.

Hormones can inhibit the hair follicle from up-taking nutrients which leads to hair loss. This happens  when the body produces an excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Genetics play a large role with this cause of hair loss. It can effect both men and women. Women can also experience hair loss when their hormones change during pregnancy and menopause.

Stress can also cause hair loss. Chronic stress can lead to over-producing the hormone called cortisol, which can damage the hair follicles and weaken the hair. Taking steps to reduce stress, such as getting regular exercise, meditating, or using relaxation techniques, helps reduce hair loss.

In conclusion, hair fall and loss of volume are caused by a number of factors, including excessive styling and brushing, an unhealthy diet, hormones, stress, and genetics. It is important to take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress in order to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

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