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ProGrow-Hair Growth Thickening Gel-An Oil Free Hair Regrowth Treatment-Instantly Thickens, Adds Volume And Stops Excessive Hair Loss While Promoting New Hair Growth Over Time-All-Natural Ingredients

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If you want thicker more voluminous hair now-with more growth over time this is your product.  


 "Individual results will vary"

*Unlike other hair regrowth treatments-You don't have to wait months to see results. Immediately your hair is thicker, stronger and healthier and with continuous use hair growth improves. 

*In-house studies indicate excessive hair loss is reduced after several applications with more hair growth after 10 weeks of continuous use. 

*100% Chemical-Toxin Frees

*Equally Effective For Women And Men.               


Have you ever used a hair thickening product?

Most are toxic and can make hair loss worse. They thicken by coating the hair with acrylates (plastic powder) dissolved in Aminomethylpropanol and various forms of silicon oil which are used as industrial lubricants and in non-stick cookware. They are not healthy for your hair or scalp and provide no hair growth benefits.

We thicken hair with water-absorbing pectins that we extract from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. They coat the hair and scalp, adding strength and thickness-while releasing a high concentration of every natural ingredient scientifically proven to promote new hair regrowth. 

After absorption, your hair is thick, soft and looks healthy. Within a week or two,  excessive hair loss stops and after 10 weeks, hair growth is improved. 

 Buy Now-Full Money Back Guarantee. 


"individual results will vary" 

Have you tried other hair growth products like shampoos, conditioners, serums, rice water, DHT blockers, supplements and pills to improve your thinning hair without success?  

We have spent 15 years with a team of dedicated researchers formulating hair growth products that are effective. 

What we have found. For hair growth products to be effective, they need to address all the leading causes of hair loss.

Which are hormone imbalance (excessive dihydrotestosterone “DHT”), restricted circulation to the hair follicle. Inflammation, fungal overgrowth, nutrient deficiency and hair follicle corrosion.

This product effectively addresses those causes using only natural ingredients scientifically proven to promote hair growth.

Exposing the hair follicle to toxins over time causes it to corrode and reduce its ability to grow hair. It’s not talked about much. Because most hair care products are full of toxins. 

If you look at the ingredients of hair care products, you will see lots of chemicals. Exposing you hair follicles to these toxic chemicals over time can corrode the hair follicle and reduce its ability to grow hair. 

To repair and prevent hair follicle corrosion, we use a strong concentration of Appalachian ginseng-which in our opinion is the absolute best ingredient for this. 

It’s an amazing ingredient that isn't found in hair growth products with a strong enough concentration to do anything, because of its high cost. For example, low quality wild harvested is around $1000/lb., High quality can cost as much as $10,000/lb.

We are able to include this amazing ingredient in our products because of our close relationships with ethical wild ginseng harvesters. And an extraction process that allows us to extract high concentration of ginsenosides from the leaf along with the root.

If your looking for the most effective natural product to improve thinning hair-this is your product. We Hope You Give It A Try.

Buy Now Full Money Back Guarantee.

"individual results will vary"

Ingredients: Bio-ferment extraction of eclipta, red clover, saw palmetto, Appalachian ginseng, myrth, neem, ginko , ginger, fo-ti, prickly ash bark, bayberry, reishi mushroom, licorice root, shiso, green rooibios, beet root, thyme, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, mung bean sprouts, organic oats, flax seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, heirloom vegetable seeds and fresh organic apples], larch tree extract, zinc, glycine, vitamins including biotin, lysine, alpha ketoglutarate and niacin], aged black and green tea polyphenols, proprietary blend of plant sterols, essential oils (peppermint sandlewood), and grapefruit extract, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, lactobacillus ferment (preservative).


Directions: Massage a generous amount into the hair and scalp and allow 15 minutes or longer to fully absorb before styling. For best results use after shampooing at night before bed. Can be applied without shampooing and more than 1 time per day. If using to style use a reduced amount and dampen hair before applying.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I keep using my normal hair products while I use this one?

Yes, we had our product testers keep using their products while using this one and the results are still good. 

Can I use with other products like red light lamps, supplements or other hair loss treatments.

Yes, you can just add this to whatever else you are doing.

Is it okay to use with Minoxidil or other hair loss drugs.

Even though its all natural we do recommend you consult with your health care provider first, if you are using FDA approved hair loss drugs. 

How long does it take to see any results?

Individual results will vary. It can be weeks or months. But while you're waiting-the hair you have right now will immediately become thicker and much healthier.

How much should I use and how often?

For shorter hair, using an amount about the size of a quarter one or two times per day is good. For longer hair you will have to adjust the amount. Ideally getting an amount that saturates the hair and scalp and letting it fully absorb is best.

Can I blow dry my hair after using?

Yes, but dampen your hair first then apply a reduced amount of the hair growth gel.

Is it best to use during the day or night?

The ideal is to use after shampooing at night before bed so the product can fully absorb and work its magic while you sleep. However, daytime is fine especially if you give the product enough time to absorb, about 15 minutes or so.

If you have any other questions contact us through the contact page and we will promptly answer you.

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