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Before and After Photos

When looking at these photos please keep in mind most are not the professional quality you would normally expect to see in advertising photos.

They were taken with a camera phone on testing subjects as part of the product development cycle.

They give you a good sense of the high standard of effectiveness we require in a product before it is allowed to be marketed.

The results you get at home using these products may not be as impressive. Individual results will vary. 

One of the cornerstones our product line is built upon is the dual idea of “nutrients in” and “toxins out”.

The magic of life happens and continues when nutrients come into contact with your cells.



← This is where the subject used the Volumption to add volume and diminish the fold around the mouth. They applied 2 times per day AM and PM for 30 days.

Checkout Volumption.

This is another where the subject used the Volumption to add volume and diminish the fold around the mouth. They applied 2 times per day AM and PM for 30 days.

This is a picture of a test subject that used the Volumption to add fullness to the lips. They applied 1 time a day at night before bed for 16 days.

Natural Fusion  Facelift Cream - after one week of use. See for yourself the difference. The firming effect is visible instantly. After 4 weeks of using Facelift Cream.

Check out Natural Fusion Facelift Cream here.

This woman is in her late fifties who had a professional facial done at our facility using only the Mudzyme. The after picture turned out a little blurry but even with the blur you get an idea of how effective an exfoliator this product is. Her skin is much smoother with more even tone.

Checkout Mudzyme Exfoliating Peel

This is a picture of a hand demonstrating the effectiveness of the Stemlate Skin Tightening Serum for tightening the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

We have found the hand to be much more reliable when taking pictures to test a products skin firming ability. Trying to get the subject to hold their head in an exact position with the same expression can be difficult. The product was massaged into the subjects hand and allowed to absorb for about 5 minutes.

Checkout Stemlate Skin Tightening Serum

These are photos of a test we did for the Oxygen Coffee Scrub (Oxi-Glow) on a female in her early seventies. The before is on the left and after is the far right.

We wanted to see how effective it was on removing age spots and rejuvenating the skin back to a more younger appearance. The test proved the product very effective. After gently scrubbing the arm the Oxi-Glow was allowed to sit for 3 minutes before being rinsed off. Results will vary with the individual.

Checkout Oxiglow - Oxygen Coffee Scrub

This is a test subject that used Natural Clear Acne Mask every other day for 2 weeks to clear acne blemishes. These photos were more professional because they were intended to be used advertising. 

Checkout Natural Clear Acne Treatment Mask

The same test subject also tested the sunless tanner with a total of 5 applications applied over the course of 1 week.

Checkout Vitamin D Sunless Tanner

This is test subject that used the hair loss products for 60 days. He is a massage therapist at a spa we have a business relationship with. The products were used every day. The pictures were taken at the spa.

This test subject is another massage therapist at the same spa we have a relationship with and used the products for the same length of time 60 days.

Another hair loss products test subject who used them every day for 90 days.

Finally this is a test subject who lives in Texas who is a friend of one of our associates. We gave her several products to use over a 30 day period but she was not under our direct supervision and we did not take the pictures so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of them. However in the interview she appeared to be a very kind person with high moral character.

She did admit to a small amount of makeup applied in the after photo. Even taking that into consideration we still find her transformation impressive.

She used the Clay mask and Enzyme peel every day rotating their use every other day at night before bed. After rinsing the peel or clay mask she then applied the Vitamin C Serum and Face Lift Cream. In the AM she cleansed and applied the Face Lift Cream and used the Sunless Tanner. .

Every product we produce is exceptional quality. The testing process we use has to convince us that you the consumer are going to get a certain level of results or we will not put the product into marketing. Plus every product is 100% non toxic.