Is a vitamin C serum the best treatment to increase collagen?

A vitamin C serum applied directly to the skin is the best treatment for increasing collagen in the skin because the vitamin C can be absorbed directly into the skin, allowing it to be more effective in activating the enzymes that are involved in the collagen synthesis process.

Applying the serum directly to the skin also helps to ensure that the vitamin C is kept in an optimum pH, which helps to maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, vitamin C serum can help to protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure and pollution, as well as helping to preserve the structure of the collagen molecule, making it more resistant to degradation.

Finally, the serum can also help to regulate the production of elastin, another important component of the collagen cycle. By helping to regulate the production of these two proteins, the vitamin C serum can help to keep the skin looking healthy, youthful, and resilient.

If you are looking for the best vitamin C serum to increase collagen synthesis? Then Vita Cerum is your product. This vitamin C serum is 20 times more effective than ingesting supplements and can elevate your skin’s vitamin C levels after only 4 days of daily use.

Collagen synthesis requires vitamin C and lysine, which are both included in Vita Cerum. Starting in your late 20s, the vitamin C levels in your skin start declining. Over time, this leads to fewer collagen production and less antioxidant protection, which can result in fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues.

Vita Cerum is formulated differently than other vitamin C serums. The L-ascorbic acid is dissolved in a whole food broth of fresh fruits, bio-extracted using a cutting-edge proprietary technology that minimizes oxidation of the ascorbic acid. This unique process prevents the L-ascorbic acid from reacting with oxygen and allows it to penetrate the skin to a deeper level.

The serum is packaged in an airtight serum pump dispensing container to ensure the optimal shelf life and PH of 3.2 for the serum to be effective. Vita Serum has been proven to deliver more vitamin C benefits faster to your skin at less cost than other vitamin C serums.