Castor Oil For Hair Growth.

castor oil for hair growth


Castor oil is promoted in articles on the internet and social media, that you can massage it into your hair, eye brows or lashes and get new hair growth. But science doesn’t back up any claim of better hair growth for castor oil.

So will castor oil grow hair? No, it's a good laxative and an excellent ingredient we use in making soap but it will not solve your thinning hair problem.

We studied it many years ago and determined that because it’s a thick greasy oil, it can cause hair strands to stick together. So, any perceived thickness is from the oil matting the hair. 

It is an oil rich in fatty acids that makes soap lather thick. Which makes it an excellent oil for use in soap making. One of those fatty acids unique to castor beans, is ricinoleic acid.

Most hair growth claims for castor oil, involve this unique fatty acid. Some of those claims are as follows.

Castor oil improves hair growth because it contains antioxidants:

Antioxidants can help with improving hair growth but castor oil is not a rich source of them. Other ingredients are much richer with these elements and we include the richest ones in our hair growth products. Topically applying antioxidants directly to the scalp is faster and more effective for increasing antioxidants in the scalp-than trying to take an oral supplement and hope some of them land there. 

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Castor oil is good for hair growth because it is anti-inflammatory.

The element in castor oil claimed to be the one responsible for its anti-inflammatory effect is ricinoleic acid. Which does have anti-inflammatory properties but also has pro-inflammatory ones. It is similar to hot pepper extract which irritates but because of the irritation the body creates a response to soothe the irritation. There are much better options to soothe inflammation in the scalp and hair follicle, which we include in our products.


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Castor oil balances the PH of the scalp.

Castor oil is alkaline. But healthy hair and dandruff-free scalp are slightly acidic. So, it does alter the PH of the scalp, but not in the direction you want. Using an apple cider vinegar rinse or conditioner that is slightly acidic is better. It will balance the PH more toward acidic which can improve hair growth.

Castor oil helps grow hair by increasing scalp circulation.

There would be some benefit from massaging the oil into your hair but it wouldn’t be from the castor oil. Scalp massage is very healthy for the scalp and hair because it does increase circulation. Castor oil does not increase circulation in the scalp like for example minoxidil or some plant extracts would. We include very effective plant-extracted circulation enhancers in our hair loss products. Keeping optimal circulation to the hair follicle is very important for preventing hair loss.


Castor oil is effective for bacterial or fungal problems that can cause hair loss.

A study was done comparing prescription anti-fungal shampoos vs minoxidil for improving hair growth and both were found to be effective. Fungal infections are a major cause of hair loss. The most common is the Malassezia fungus and castor oil has no effect on this fungus. It feeds on the sebum oil around the hair follicle and causes inflammation which can reduce hair growth. It’s postulated that this fungus is the main cause of dandruff. So many are infected with it. Using anti-fungal shampoos long-term is not the healthiest option. Certain herbs and clay are very effective for controlling this.

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When you look at the research there is nothing that demonstrates Castor Oil is effective for growing hair. but it does have other benefits, especially with soap. 

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